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As a vacation destination, Victoria Falls is definitely the perfect all-round adventure. From the magnificent surroundings to the rich and flourishing wildlife, the renowned adrenaline adventures and robust local culture. First of all there is a lot to uncover in Africa’s biggest adventure hub. This breath-taking natural wonder on the Zambezi River is shared with Zambia and Zimbabwe in the southern part of Africa. If you are interested in visiting Victoria Falls, keep reading for all you need to know.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls started from a number of gorges which occurred on account of soft sandstone wearing way. All these gorges were taking up the river as well as it banks for approximately 100,000 years. At present the waterfall is nearly one mile wide at the point that it goes into the first gorge. Also through this point, the river takes a roundabout path with cutting twists and spins before reaching the ‘Boiling Pot’ at the second gorge from where whirlpools are seen. The river afterward never stops to zig zag through an additional four gorges and one can find great view from either side of the falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The fall was named after Queen Victoria by David Livingstone the first European explorer to go there. However the local people had named this remarkable wonder a long time ago. Victoria Falls are neither the tallest nor the broadest on the globe, but its merged size and area suggests that it has also the world’s largest sheet of falling water.


Victoria Falls doesn’t offer sure sightings of the Big Five. However it does support a multitude of mammals, both big and small. Hence if you’re on the lookout for the ideal family safari holiday that integrates a world wonder with wildlife, Zambia could be the perfect place. Elephants are numerous on either side of the waterfall. Hence this is a wonderful location to go elephant spotting. Some Elephants can at times be noticed going across the river banks. Mostly whenever water levels have reached their lowest to eat up vegetation. Within the Zambezi River itself, you can expect to see lots of hippos. Hippos love to gather upstream playing and bathing in the water. Buffalo are sometimes spotted grazing and drinking close to the water’s side and carnivores like lions and hyenas can be seen chilling off under the trees.

Best Time To Visit Victoria Falls

The season you choose to go to Victoria Falls is going to greatly affect your experience. On the Zimbabwe part, the falls flow all through the year. On the other hand, in Zambia, the falls dry up around as the year ends and a visit to the Zambian side during the dry season would probably have you watching the rock wall. If you need the perfect Victoria Falls experience of getting drenched by the spray, the perfect time to go is from February to June.

Devil’s Pool

Don’t totally ignore Zambia in the dry season because when the water levels decrease, the renowned Devil’s Pool is opened. The Devil’s Pool is a naturally formed rock pool. Located right at the side of the falls, which allows enthusiastic travelers to swim right up to the edge of the falls and peep over with professional supervision.

Rovos Rail

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