Luxury Trains Today – Comfort, Family Friendly, History and so much more!

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Jetting off to a distant holiday destination was once thought of as the ultimate when it comes to luxury trains today. These days luxury trains are really giving airplanes a run for their money. In recent times, the popularity of luxury trains has surged as brand new trains are built. The old fashioned trains are refurbished and brought back to their past glory. New train routes have also been introduced. The most recent being the new Rovos rail 15-day expedition set to take off in July 2019. Traversing 4 countries, Tanzania, Zambia, DRC and finally ends in Angola. A luxury train trip is obviously the most romantic way to travel around South Africa. It features glimpses into rural life and the magnificent landscape of the country. It is also a wonderful way to absorb the rich culture of the country.

Here are a few additional benefits of luxury train travel today!

Comfort in Luxury Trains Today

Journeying aboard a luxury train provides the extravagance of moving freely in the cabin. At the same time, there is enough foot space, sleeper cabins, and dining cars offering great cuisines. Luxury train travelers do not experience the usual commotion in aircrafts or the seasickness most people experience in boats or the confined space of a car. Similar to hotels, luxury trains have beautiful and luxurious interiors, air-conditioning and other amazing facilities for passengers comfort. There is also an observation car at the rear of the train for those who want to enjoy the great outdoors while the train in moving. Experienced and helpful butlers are working tirelessly to make travelers comfortable.

Family Friendly

Luxury train travel is a perfect option for families with young children. It provides a great chance for families to spend quality time together and bond with each other while the train is still on transit. Train travel is far better than what any means of transport can offer. In a luxury train children are exceptionally well taken care of and hardly become bored. With the excitement of travelling through the tracks, playing and making new friends.

Relaxed & Stress-Free Atmosphere

In contrast to busy airports and heavy traffic highways, luxury train journeys provide you with the rare chance to loosen up and relax. You can stay in a private car if you want a quiet travel experience or multi-passenger cars to make new friends. Security is significantly less time-consuming and nerve-racking compared to airport security much larger baggage can conveniently fit on board.


Luxury trains today offers the chance to actually experience spectacular views. As opposed to other means of transport the trains soothing atmosphere offers travelers limitless amusement and fun. Travelers can view breathtaking sights while the train slowly moves. You can’t get this same measure of sightseeing in other means of transport due to limited access to mountainous terrains, overpasses and remote scenes.

Rovos RailRovos Rail


Luxury train travels has an outstanding sense of history. Observed in the numerous historic rail stations and felt onboard the usually refurbished cabins. The classic feeling that comes with journeying onboard a luxury train takes travelers back in time which makes it a fantastic way to view ancient landmarks.

Owing to the peaceful and relaxed environment of luxury train journeys, there are greater chances of making new friends from people all over the world. The South Africa’s Blue Train and Rovos luxury rail tours are ranked as some of the best in the world alongside the Asian orient express and Europe’s Prestige Continental.  The Blue Train is a matchless train that combines ultimate grand luxury and 5 Star hospitality of some of the world’s leading hotels. It is the oldest luxury train in the country running between Pretoria and Cape Town. Rovos Rail runs a meander through the Great Karoo, the Highveld and the winelands of the Cape. The Blue Train gives an amazing experience of South Africa’s sights and highlights. Make sure to experience luxury trains today!

SA-Rail Luxury Train Tours 

At SA-Rail, we sell luxury passenger train tickets in South Africa. Above all of the ultimate luxury trains in the country. The Blue Train, Rovos Rail, Premier Classe and Shongololo Express has also been noteworthy known for their luxury train tours in South Africa for years.

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