Matjiesfontein South Africa

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The charming Victorian small village of Matjiesfontein South Africa speaks softly of a luxuriant heritage. Filled with murders, money and ghosts. The town was founded by James Douglas Logan a Scotsman, around 1883 as a health and wellness resort where people that have lung problems could gradually recover. James somehow figured out that the Karoo air has helped him recover from his fragile chest problem. Shortly after this historic village was founded, Lampposts from London were brought in to brighten up the village’s major road and the resort was patronized by wealthy people all over the world, it became a trendy option for the rich and famous at that time. Some of it notable patrons include Olive Schreiner the renowned South African writer, the Sultan of Zanzibar, Cecil John Rhodes, Sir Randolph Churchill and Rudyard Kipling.

Matjiesfontein South Africa The Historic Village

Matjiesfontein South Africa is not just a town but a fantastic street. The Victorian time buildings and colonial resort, often called the Lord Milner line the road against the railway line. This historic village served as an oasis originally built as a health resort for the wealthy and famous. As time went by the buildings became dilapidated but was refurbished and restored in 1970. Although being in past times, the site is a disguised and fairly uncommon treasure you will want to share. Every night you spend there is really worth the detour, especially as the hotel is reported to be ghostly. Ensure you go for the peculiar bus tour on the vintage red London double decker. The tour takes 10 minutes but it’s hilarious and interesting and you get a great view of this historic place.

The Laird’s Arms Bar

You could spice up your tour with a drink in an attractive old wooden pub known as the Laird’s Arms Bar. The arms bar has a unique restored fireplace. This offers you a really great way to feel as though you have stepped back in time.

Nationwide Heritage Sites

The Matjiesfontein South Africa has been maintained since 1975 as a Nationwide Heritage Site, some of it prominent spots include the Lord Milner hotel, built in 1899, a number of museums, and a few Victorian cottages. The hotel at one time was used as a military healthcare facility. Long-gone military personnel are believed to haunt the village. The renowned railway line and Victorian station building as well as other luxuriant structures unified by a general wall inset. This lighted by a sweeping set of archetypal London street lamps depicts the unique charm and uncommon Victorian genuineness of the village which attracts visitors all over the world.

The Blue Train Stop

The Blue Train travelers are invited for a quick trip in time on an historic London double decker. This offers travelers the unique opportunity to absorb the splendor and serenity of the plains as well as the Victorian structures. The unique 19th century London light fixtures, the strange feeling of slipping into a colonial time and floating in another age. Stretch your legs breathe in and walk in the footsteps of the great and famous patrons. Sip a drink at the Lord Milner Hotel. Refurbished by David Rawdon in the 1970’s who bought the entire village. Re-board The Blue Train once again for the trip northward into the interior and delight in high tea in the lounge car as well as a great dinner aboard as the trains heads north. Before you go to sleep, look through the window at a sky full of stars.  When you awake, you will be getting close to the mining centers. And you will soon end your journey in Pretoria.


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