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A century and half ago, the site where the Big Hole is located was a dull flat hill top. As word spread that diamonds was discovered there, a huge number of prospectors with just simple shovels and great expectations moved down to Kimberley South Africa and made the greatest hand-dug excavation on earth.

Kimberley South Africa History

Excavation actually started at the site in 1871 and on 14 August 1914. At the time mining was over, the mine had produced 2722 kilograms of precious diamond gems from millions of tons of excavated earth. To this day what stands is a huge crater 214 meters under. With a surface area of 17 hectares in addition to a surrounding area of 1, 6 km. It is actually enclosed by authentic structures from the glory days of the mine. Structures were moved from the former sites to form a remarkable open air tourist experience.

Furthermore through a substantial investment made by De Beers a number of attractions were included in the Big Hole facility. The big hole today is undoubtedly a top notch world tourist attraction. Offering distinct secrets into diamonds, exploration as well as the procedure for recovering tough diamonds all through to the finished gem seen in today’s high-priced jewelry piece.

Visiting Kimberley South Africa Today

Come and explore the wonderful attraction that is the Big Hole in Kimberley South Africa. Not to exclude the breathtaking Northern Cape route. The Big Hole facility also has a number of stores catering to many choices and taste. The site attracts visitors globally to the Cape. It is gradually becoming a great World Heritage site. The Big Hole is an investment which will eventually form the hub of tourism in the Northern Cape.

Diamond Mine Museum

At the Diamond Mine Museum you’ll have a rare opportunity to view an interesting video clip on Kimberley’s rich history. The video includes the growth and progression of the mine. Also showing the unusual working conditions of the thousands of miners. After that you’ll go on to the site to see the world’s greatest hand-dug excavation. Eight times the size of a soccer fields, 580 ft. Today it has been transformed into a global tourist attraction by De Beers. It is utterly incredible to envision how a hill was transformed into such a big hole by blood, labor, pains and tears.

You’ll have a chance to descend into an underground mine. The mine would later lead into the diamond vault, with some historic diamonds as well as some important replications. Here you’ll see the biggest uncut octahedron diamond on earth. You’ll be shocked that diamonds can be that big.

The Old Town

Exploring the Old Town with its structures recreated in the model of the Diamond Rush era. The old town can make you step back in time. It’s like a big outdoor museum and you’ll marvel at the auctioneers, the mine manager’s residence, the boxing academy, the wagon museum along with several other replica structures of the time.

In a short while you’ll soon discover that it’s time to head back to the train. Kimberley is one of South Africa’s historic gems often overlooked by tourists. On your luxury train tour aboard the blue train don’t forget the Kimberly stop.

Luxury Train Travel

Check in at Pretoria and board the blue train directly. You’ll enjoy some pre-departure drinks and snacks. The blue train travels through magnificent scenery and South Africa’s gold mining fields. Sit back and watch through the window before the train arrives to Kimberley South Africa for an exciting off-the-train excursion.

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