10 Reasons Luxury Trains Are Better Than Planes

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Flying on airplanes have become so trendy that most people have forgotten the good old days of luxury trains. But lately there seem to be a hype about luxury train travel all over the world. So, whether for the high speed thrill, the soothing ease and comfort or the magnificence and extravagant scenery, luxury train travel promises a distinctive and unforgettable experience. Luxury train travel has always seem to awaken a great sense of romance and adventure compared to air travel. As it allows you get around freely and enjoy spectacular scenery while traversing some of the country’s scenic route. Furthermore no one is going to nag you to fasten your seatbelt, off your laptop or blind your window.

Here are an additional reasons luxury trains are better than planes:

You get magnificent views of the country

Even though views from airplanes can be sometimes stunning and incredibly appealing, not all passengers can truly have a glimpse of these beautiful sights save those on a window seat. Others have to stretch their necks just to catch a glimpse of the horizon.

You get a sense of the country

Flying on an air plane from one city to another would not allow you absorb the sense of the destinations you are travelling through. But with luxury train journeys offering passengers a window into history as well as evoke an obvious sense of heritage, journeying on routes that the ancient and famous people once passed through. There is absolutely nothing like a luxury train journey that allows you to get a feel of the culture, diversity and wonders a country has to offer. Without doubt luxury train trips are a fascinating way to explore any destination.

You can skip airport security

Luxury train travel offers lots of advantages that flying can’t replicate. Unlike air travel where passengers are subjected to a number of tedious security checks, train journeys do not have long check-in procedures and passengers don’t need to go through any security screening. These unnecessary checks are making train travel increasingly attractive all over the world. In addition trains have more reliable schedules.

Seats are more comfortable

The seat on plane cabins have limited space for passengers maximum comfort and the latest airplanes are making the space even more narrower to accommodate more passengers. Luxury trains allow for virtually an unlimited space and leg room. You can also freely walk around the train with ease and comforts anytime you want to.

You can get a new seat or head to the dining car

Compared to trains the level of occupancy of airplanes is another discouraging factor. Airplanes are usually full to capacity for most flights, making it far less comfortable as spaces are tight. But you can always get a new seat on a train if you have an annoying neighbor or simply head to the dining car or observation car to get a feel of the great outdoors.

You get to travel on stunning routes

Luxury train journeys are undoubtedly the most fascinating way to travel around the worlds most enchanting and beautiful destinations with a magical blend of elegance and comfort. They offer tourist the most thrilling and remarkable experience of a lifetime. Journeying across routes that pass through unique and impressive landscapes. Travel from Moscow to Vladivostok, Pretoria to Cape Town and so on.

Rovos RailRovos RailRovos Rail

They’re safer

Train crashes are very rare compared to air crashes. Experts believe that trains are significantly safer than any mode of transportation. Hence trains are the safest ways to get around. In addition several improvements in technology and safety have affected the global rail industry in recent times.

Lost luggage is unheard

While mishandling of luggages is widespread and a very costly occurrence in airplanes, it’s virtually unheard of on trains. In addition luggages forgotten on trains are usually stored safely at the station where you can easily recover them.

You can arrive a few minutes before departure

When travelling on an air plane you have to show up at least 2 hours before departure as we all know but with train journeys you can show up a few minutes before departure.

Offers an old-fashioned charm

From creating a thrilling and delightful journey experience to being the perfect way to chill out and relax, luxury train comes with a rich blend of modern sophistication and vintage glamour.

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