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An unforgettable experience awaits you when you set about a luxury train travel tour. Some trains just take you places, while others get you places in style.

From the heart of London to Venice and the Lake Baikal to Ulaanbaatar or across South Africa from Pretoria to Cape Town on the Luxurious Blue Train, one of South Africa’s best Luxury Train Travel.

These 5 journeys are the most magnificent tours you can take on rails.

Sit back in peaceful accommodations and experience luxurious services. From mouthwatering dishes, comfortable lounge cars suitable for meeting other travelers or have fun in a night cap with helpful onboard staff.

London to Venice: Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Few other luxury train travel evokes romance and excitement like the celebrated Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. The train rolls through a couple of Europe’s most fascinating landscapes. Through destinations that have turned out to be legendary themselves. Paris, Innsbruck and Verona. Some of its Art Deco glamor has been persevered from decades as the train’s elegant suites evokes an old more fashionable age.

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Moscow to Vladivostok: Golden Eagle

Keen vacationers believe you haven’t experienced a train trip until you have ridden the Trans-Siberian Express. With its overwhelming itinerary that spans an impressive eight time zones.

The Golden Eagle is a lavish style of the Trans-Siberian that features en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning during the summer. Full heating in the winter, laundry services, TV screens, a pianist as well as an English-speaking medical professional. The journey feels similar to a luxury cruise than a train trip as it usually stops for daily expeditions along the route. It rides along Lake Baikal and makes a detour to Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaata.

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Pretoria to Cape Town: Blue Train

The Blue Train moves in a 31-hour trip between Pretoria and Cape Town spanning 1600 kilometres through a couple of the most fascinating and breathtaking landscape across the South African continent with brief stops at the Kimberley diamond mines southward and the wildly colonial outpost of Matjiesfontein northward. Several of the luxury train travel double suites come with regular size bathtubs. You could rest in a sea of bubbles, with a glass of champagne on hand as the train rolls by.

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Adelaide to Darwin:The Ghan

This is a 2,979-kilometer tour, three-night from Darwin to Adelaide that affords travelers the rare opportunity of crossing Australia while peeping into the infinite uniformity of the antipodean bush.

The Platinum service provides more cabin and ensuite room. Accessibility to a special dining carriage, your morning meal in bed and five-course meals. The menu features Australia’s local variety like grilled kangaroo fillet and saltwater barramundi fish. There are also planned expeditions in Katherine and Alice Springs. While other stops offer a good chance to experience an outback sunrise heading north, or a nightcap under the Milky Way going south.

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Rovos Rail: Southern and Eastern Africa

Rovos Rail is a slightly slower version of the Blue Train, which features a more extensive network of far-away locations in the country and extending as far as Namibia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

The magnificent and luxurious cabin setting means the Rovos ride is an integral part of a lengthy journey with many overnights. The train never moves above 60 kilometers per hour. Passengers might open windows for fresh air or snap the breathtaking scenery. The staff gives a set of eye protection goggles so that when one stick heads out of window dirt and dust won’t be an issue. Trips fill up very quickly; especially the leisurely ramble from Pretoria to Dar es Salaam.

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Luxury Train Travel South Africa

Experience the world’s most breathtaking views and immerse yourself into this wonderful country with delightfully diverse destinations. South Africa’s luxury train travel industry draws visitors from all over the world. For its stunning natural landscapes, fantastic beaches, brilliant cities, receptive people and also incredible wildlife. Furthermore this country offers endless opportunities for adventures.

Most of all, with the Blue Train you can experience a great service, an enthusiastic butler, peaceful accommodation, and also exquisite wines as well as excellent fine-dining. Finally welcome to South Africa.

At SA-Rail, we sell luxury passenger train tickets in South Africa above all for three of the best luxury trains in the country. The Blue Train, Rovos Rail and Premier Classe has been known for their luxury train tours in South Africa for years.

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