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There are so much exciting things to do in Cape Town South Africa. First of all anyone who has visited Cape Town will agree that it’s truly one of the most incredible cities around the world. Also this legendary city is bursting with vibrant and fun loving people, an impressive history, cosmopolitan feel and diversity as well as majestic Mountain backdrops.

Cape Town South Africa has a fascinating mix of architectural styles mirrors the experiences and dictates of past eras. A number of Victorian buildings and even Edwardian are carefully preserved. Elegant malls offer fascinating items not found elsewhere. Especially lovers of fine wine can enjoy the finest wines in Cape Town’s winelands and adventure lovers can embark on a luxury train aboard one of the most luxurious trains in the world.

Here are a few amazing activities to do in Cape Town South Africa to name a few.

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

First of all this Botanical Garden is obviously the best and most attractive garden in the Continent and one of the notable botanic gardens worldwide. Also very few gardens can beat it the sheer magnificence and the splendor of it setting. Therefore the Botanical garden presents an array of the unique plant life. Plants from all the parts and biomes of the southern part of the African continent can be found in this garden. Also it Conservatory grow and showcase numerous plants from the dry regions that cannot thrive outdoors. Most of all the garden has over 7 000 varieties which includes some unique and endangered species.

Cape of Good Hope

This 77.50-sq-km part of Cape Town’s famous Table Mountain features magnificent landscape, great birdwatching and deserted beaches. The Cape of Good Hope attracts a huge number of visitors to Cape Town. Also there are several bus tours but hiking or cycling through it is a lot better.

Table Mountain

This is a flat-topped mountain, a notable landmark facing the city of Cape Town. Like a work of art on a canvas depicting the rich variety of the Cape floral kingdom, Table Mountain is simply iconic. You can have a great time at the Table Mountain National Park a remarkable tourist destination. There are most of all lots of tourists using the cableway or hiking to the top.

Robben Island

This Island is famous for being the area Nelson Mandela was jailed for many years. The Small Island was also the home of prisoners from outside South Africa, particularly Namibia. The Island turned a site for jailing political prisoners in 1961; however life on the Small Island was not all gloomy. In 1966, the prisoners put together a football league among themselves. Even when you don’t want to visit the island, it’s really worth stopping by the free museum at the Nelson Mandela Gateway, with its emphasis on the fight for equality.

Boulders Penguin Colony

This beautiful area with massive boulders is a haven for over 3000 enchanting African penguins. You can take a boardwalk run from the sharp Beach end of the protected parts to Boulders Beach. Therefore when you get there you can get down and mingle with the waddling penguins. We will do another blog in future to go even more into some travel areas for you to explore.

Blue Train

Cape Town South Africa is home to some of the worlds most iconic and impressive luxury train route. You can actually experience the ambiance and nostalgia of luxury rail travel as you explore the country’s breathtaking scenery from Cape Town on the iconic Blue Train.
Whether you are a train fan or a romantic adventurer the Blue Train trips offers an unforgettable and magical way to experience the beautiful country of South Africa. Most of all you’ll have an unforgettable dining experience on-board as well as live entertainment, fully-stocked bars and an excellent butler services. The Blue Train offers an ‘out of the world’ experience. It’s an all-inclusive blend of unrivaled luxury. Commonly known as one of the leading luxury trains in the world. The Blue Train is just simply a five star hotel on wheels.

At SA-Rail, we sell luxury passenger train tickets in South Africa. Above all three of the best luxury trains in the country. The Blue Train, Rovos Rail and Premier Classe has been noteworthy known for their luxury train tours in South Africa for years.

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