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Established in 1679, the city of Stellenbosch is located along the famed South African vineyard regions. Famous for its unbelievably rich soil, which are important for the growth of veggies and wine. It’s landscape is distinguished by ancient geological formations which are still evidently visible today. Stellenbosch scenic beauty is no doubt a delight to behold.

Stellenbosch History

The city’s earliest structures were generally made from local materials with thatched rooftops. Stellenbosch’s prosperous, vibrant traditions dates back to centuries ago. Reflected in its excellent blend of diverse architectural age traditions replicated in the Victorian and Georgian architecture as well as the Cape Dutch. The town’s vibrant museum has a collection of houses representing diverse eras in the development and history of the town. Visiting the museum is certainly a great way to uncover the beautiful iconic architecture of Stellenbosch. Over hundreds of year’s residents of this beautiful town and guests cherished and appreciated its natural environment. As the town became more popular it borders broadened greatly and resulted to a geographic extension and sudden influx of people from many different cultures. This ultimately set forth a lot of concerns and vibrant possibilities.

Stellenbosch Historical & Modern Town

The great historical town has an abundance of fascinating museums, top notch hotels and a number of bars, night clubs and eateries. A vibrant university town, over 19000 resident students, a sizable local population and great number of visitors make this town alive with diverse cultures and languages. Stellenbosch is much more than a simple country town. It is a perfect blend of ancient and modern setting in the heart of the South African wine enterprise. The Stellenbosch area also features unending sights and adventures for just about anyone. Art and culture lovers, foodies, nature enthusiast, wine connoisseur and so on. You can meet and interact with the locals and other visitors in the town. The locals are very friendly and welcoming. Whether you desire a serene natural environment or relish the delicious food this town has to offer you’ll definitely love Stellenbosch at the end.

Going for walks remains the most effective way to explore and absorbs in this scenic town. You can explore the beautiful traditional buildings along with several places of interest. Take a carefully guided walking tour or discover the town at your pace. The town centre is an area of great architectural magnificence along with the oak-lined streets dotted with white-washed structures and other attractions.

Stellenbosch Winelands

A visit to Stellenbosch is not complete without a wine tasting experience. With hundreds of wine enterprises in the valley. Stellenbosch is no doubt the heart of the country’s wine business, where both connoisseurs and novice wine-drinkers collectively enjoy the vines. Many of the town’s cellars provide wine-tastings and tours. While some have restaurant and picnic areas as well as wildlife safaris. Take a break for wine-tasting, go for a walk through the vineyards, embark on a wine safari, blend your own wine and make a custom made label for your Cape Blend, or discover more about the art of wine-making from the standpoint of a local farmer. A multitude of indoor and outdoor sights and activities for everyone makes Stellenbosch an ideal destination for long-term holidays, business trips, weekend breakaways and conferences.

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