Africa’s Best Luxury Train Journeys for 2018 Part 2

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Welcome to our part 2 of Africa’s Best Luxury Train Journeys for 2021. We have decided to go deeper into Africa. Let you feel the most luxury train travel experience as you read on and hope to give you the best options making your luxury train travel an unforgettable experience.

Nairobi to Mombasa, Kenya

Taking the Kenya Railways overnight train running from Nairobi to Mombasa on a journey across the country’s vast and incredible landscape has even become more exciting in 2018. This journey offers you just the classic opportunity you eagerly crave for to experience the warmth these cities has to offer. While on this classic adventure you’ll spot big game animals and you might see zebras and elephants. This night train is obviously Kenya’s most magnificent. There is In addition another overnight train running from Lake Victoria to Kisumu.

The second train on this route is the new Chinese built Standard Gauge Railway know as the Madaraka Express. This standard gauge line was launched last year. This has greatly reduced the journey time on this route to 24 hours as opposed to the previous 16 hours by the former narrow-gauge track. The train is adequately air-conditioned and includes a buffet car with great seating space. Sizable windows that allow you view Kenya’s incredible landscape, including the Kapiti Plains as well as the Tsavo Game Park. The 1st class space is roomy with reclining seats tables and sockets for your mobile devices and laptops. The buffet car is restricted to only the 1st class passengers.

Dar es Salaam to Kapiri Mposhi

TAZARA runs a 1,860km adventurous train journey between Dar es Salaam and New Kapiri Mposhi. Traversing a number of astonishing topographic features including game reserves, parks, mountainous terrains, solid jungles, and sharp valleys. The trains come with sleeping-cars along with a restaurant car. Tazara offers an incredible opportunity for tourist to travel the magnificent countryside of the beautiful nations of Tanzania and Zambia. While on this trip you’ll probably sight lots of elephants, antelopes and zebras as you approach the Selous Reserve. In addition there is an impressive mountain segment with more than a few bridges and tunnels. Established to offer passengers a reliable and enjoyable travel experience in the 2 nations. The train runs both express and ordinary train service in addition to special train services. Besides transporting people, the train also convey luggage.

Bulawayo to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

This breathtaking overnight train on the scenic Victoria Falls to Bulawayo route is probably the most fascinating journey you’ll ever take. The train departs at night so you can’t really have a great view through the large windows until the next morning. In the course of the journey you’ll pass through the Hwange National Park. There’s absolutely nothing like waking up at dawn and watch Zebras pass by, it a different feeling. This sleeper train is actually a refurbished traditional train. Passengers are expected to board the train at Victoria Falls and subsequently take dinner onboard as the train heads for Hwange. Guests will transfer to an open-sided railcar designed for game viewing on a two-hour transfer for the Imvelo Safari Lodge and end in a great safari area. This is also another best luxury train journeys for 2018 and will surely give you that experience.

In the morning as the train stops you’ll see baboons crawling all around the train. Hence, you have to keep your compartment securely locked or you lose your snacks to these haggard animals. It is quite a sight to behold as these animals struggle to climb the train. And it more frightening to see them make frantic effort to get into the train.

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